Building Community Management


Buildings are the single largest consumers of energy in North America. They consume over 40% of our energy, exceeding total fuel consumption in all modes of transportation.

In many buildings, conflicting interests discourage energy efficiency. For example, in commercial buildings the building owner is often responsible for capital improvements. But the tenants primarily receive the benefits of reduced energy costs. In many multi-family buildings, energy is a shared resource and all tenants share energy savings initiated by an individual tenant.

BuiltSpace uses collaborative and mobile technologies, as well as social media, to collect, track and measure occupant comfort ratings and energy and resource consumption. This engages and strengthens social communities in and around buildings, motivating improvements in sustainability and resource use.


We Help You Measure and Manage Occupant Comfort

BuiltSpace uses intelligent in-building signage, mobile technology, QR codes and integrated social media to engage all building occupants. With this technology, occupants and building operators collaborate to measure and improve occupant comfort while reducing energy and resource consumption.

We Help You Measure and Manage Energy and Resource Consumption,
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Saving energy starts with knowing your current consumption, and how weather conditions affect your building’s energy usage. BuiltSpace helps you establish baseline energy consumption for your building by analyzing your existing energy bills. This allows you to predict future consumption and quantify real savings.

BuiltSpace analytics provide building operators with a dashboard that identifies inefficient heating or cooling operations. It also allows for easy compliance with energy benchmarking, tracking and reporting requirements. With this software, you can efficiently maximize both energy efficiency and occupant comfort. You can also better manage resource consumption and costs.

BuiltSpace allows energy and resource service partners to work with building operators on a common platform. This system establishes baselines to measure the efficiency of operations – the ideal starting point for future energy audits, energy efficiency projects and critical maintenance evaluations.

We Help You Implement a Sustainability Plan

BuiltSpace’s building information management system allows you to easily implement a sustainability plan. By promoting collaboration amongst property managers, building operators, occupants, tenants, engineers, building suppliers and building owners, BuiltSpace allows you to easily create and manage sustainability initiatives.

We Help You Build Value

BuiltSpace helps create a marketplace for sustainable buildings by allowing building communities to publicly share occupant comfort ratings and energy and resource information. Our technology reduces operating costs. It also allows potential tenants to easily identify and compare sustainability features of buildings.