Q: Why is BuiltSpace unique?

A: While other building information management systems offer only engineered technical solutions, BuiltSpace addresses the “people” side of energy efficiency. Our software uses a collaborative approach to help solve energy monitoring issues by addressing both technical and social challenges. By engaging all user groups in interaction and promoting information sharing, we encourage sustainability improvements in and around buildings.

Q: Who uses BuiltSpace?

A: BuiltSpace is used by three main user groups: property managers and building operators; engineers and building suppliers; and building occupants and tenants. These groups interact with each other via BuiltSpace’s dashboard in order to address technical and social energy monitoring issues.

Q: What is a dashboard?

A: A dashboard is a single web page providing information and links to the website’s main places of interest. Your building's dashboard allows you to collaborate and interact with all user groups on any building-related issue.

Q: Does BuiltSpace integrate with energy certification programs?

A: Yes. BuiltSpace integrates with energy certification programs like EnergyStar. In fact, BuiltSpace automatically submits your building’s energy and resource information to EnergyStar.

Q: Who can see my building’s energy and resource information and occupant comfort ratings?

A: You decide. BuiltSpace allows all users to share your building’s energy and resource information and occupant comfort ratings with each other. This information can also be shared with the public. This helps prospective tenants find information about sustainable resource use in your building and encourages positive community growth.

Q: Will you train me to use BuiltSpace software?

A: Yes. We can provide you with user manuals, how-to videos and training sessions.

Q: Who do I contact for technical support?

A: For technical support, please contact BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation.

Q: How much does BuiltSpace cost?

A: BuiltSpace’s software as a service (SaaS) is sold to the individual building by annual subscription. Starting at $0.02 per square foot, subscriptions result in annual demonstrated energy savings. These savings can exceed their cost by three to five times for most buildings.