Real-time location-specific capabilities that save time


BuiltSpace's Mobile application is an innovative way to get accurate information into the hands of your operations and maintenance personnel on a real time basis and at the location that they need it.

  • Complete operational checklists and file reports while in the field
  • Inspections completed in site and immediately logged into system
  • Workflow can auto generate tasks from checklists and inspections
  • Assign, accept and monitor tasks
  • Access manuals while servicing equipment
  • View service histories for equipment using QR code links to database
  • Create and manage punch lists that are location specific

The mobile web-based app provides another level of capability and benefit because the QR Codes can be tied to a location or a piece of equipment or other building asset. The app can provide a wide variety of information to the building location that is valuable to whomever is at that location, which save time and reduce extra trips back and forth. The information delivered to the location can be made specific to the individual that is scanning the QR code so you are able to keep information secure and make it available to those that need it. You can add educational messages to the QR code display, or by delivering it to the mobile device, which can greatly enhance behavioural change and ensure proper completion of tasks.

Suppliers and contractors engaged in the building can also effectively utilize the mobile app. A contractor can get their instructions for servicing a piece of equipment by scanning the QR code on that equipment. Suppliers could be notified of inventory re-order points through service requests. Security guards can log their surveillance route and time through simply scanning location specific QR codes.

BuiltSpace provides an excellent way for tenants to interact in real time from the location that the service is needed or any place that is convenient for them.

  • Tenants can log service requests
  • Receive updates on service request status
  • Managers can communicate tasks, educate usersoccupants on building systems and activities
  • Occupants can receive , collect deficiencies, and providresourcee energy consumption data
  • Occupants can provide feedback on any topic including comfort and safety

The potential uses for the mobile application are only limited by your imagination.​