Consumption data in a common format


What is Green Button?

"Green Button is the common-sense idea that electricity customers should be able to securely download their own easy-to-understand energy usage information from their utility or electricity supplier" (Green Button).  It is an effort that responds to a White House call-to-action for utility companies to provide electricity customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a consumer-friendly and computer-friendly format via a "Green Button" on each ​electric utility's website. The number of buildings and households that will be able to access their own energy information will continue to grow as utilities voluntarily make energy data available in this easy-to-read format.

Who will provide the data?

Utility companies that have decided to join the Green Button program will upload their data in a common format that can be viewed or downloaded on the utility providers' website.

Below you will find companies that have adopted the Green Button program.

London Hydro

When will the dat
a be available?

Depending on your utility bill provider, your usage data will be updated every 15 minutes, every day, or every month.

If your utility provider has implemented the Green Button initiative, it is very likely that your data is already on your provider's website. To see a list of all companies and providers that have adopted the Green Button, click here​.

How will BuiltSpace work with the data?

With your permission, BuiltSpace will connect to your utility provider data and display your data directly in your BuiltSpace buildings. Simply log-in and click on the "Utility Bill" or "Reports" tab to see detailed and up-to-date reports on your energy or electricity usage.​​​

The Green Button program simplifies energy data management and is very easy to set up. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​