A system that enhances your current processes


You can literally give us a form or piece of paper that you fill out, explain to us how you use the form, and we can quickly (usually within hours) create an electronic form. These forms can be filled out on site with any mobile device. Saved forms are instantly stored in your database and can have a workflow attached that creates tasks or activities assigned to specific people for completion. Those tasks can be managed and tracked through BuiltSpace until the are completed when they become part of the achieve record.

A simple example from one our clients is a construction site Health and Safety Inspection Form. We digitally recreated their paper form allowing the safety inspector to go to the site, scan a QR code and work through a checklist of 37 items, identifying any infractions that needed to be corrected. They could immediately create a task for someone to correct the infraction, potentially add a photograph of the problem and assign it to the appropriate individual. This instant communication saved a lot of time in reporting and correcting potential safety hazards, it ensured all their inspections were complete, and it virtually eliminated any potential miscommunication.


Custom automated forms and work flows provide endless possibilities in enhancing your current processes and make for easy adoption since the processes are already familiar. We think that the system should conform to your proven processes, rather than have your processes determined by your system.