Connecting people to buildings


Many building problems are really people problems.

  • Occupants may not know how building systems work and defeat building controls.
  • Suppliers are unfamiliar with existing infrastructure creating budget overruns and delays.
  • Planning and maintenance departments do not share a common vision leading to conflicts.
  • Contractors do not fully understand project requirements and results are not as expected.
  • Maintenance personnel do not have required details on building systems and defeat these systems attempting to service occupants.
  • Tenants are not aware of infrastructure upgrade plans and become irritated by disruptions.
  • The list is long...

Good communication leads to empowered people and effective collaboration. BuiltSpace provides a vehicle for positive and constructive communication between all the stakeholders in the building. Our communication tools provide creative ways to keep tenants and others informed while ultimately increasing tenant engagement in the space.

Tenant engagement can often be difficult and it doesn’t happen overnight. People respond differently; what works for some may not work for others, so it is important to communicate in a variety of ways that are all internally consistent with each other. Through BuiltSpace, you can educate the building on a variety of initiatives and provide information that is empowering.