Connecting buildings to people


BuiltSpace Technologies software solution has a number of unique aspects specifically designed to make it easier for building operators and managers to operate and maintain critical assets, manage service requests, and report and track deficiencies on any building projects – whether they be tenant improvements, infrastructure upgrades, or brand new building development. The system securely allows your contractors and suppliers to access the information that they need about your building in order to do their jobs more effectively.

One unique aspect is our mobile application which uses strategically placed QR codes for two-way communication. By placing a QR code on any piece of equipment or asset, depending on who scans the code with their mobile device, they can access all the pertinent information they need on that asset at that time. A boiler mechanic could get his work assignment, see other relevant details about the boiler (specifications, maintenance records, etc.), and scan the QR code again to log the completion of his work. The same can be done for service requests or deficiencies, whereby a QR code is placed in a particular location and scanned to report or write off a problem.