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Everything in One Place

BuiltSpace makes it easier for building managers to keep track of all aspects of their complex and often challenging job. From individual buildings to your entire portfolio of buildings, BuiltSpace becomes the hub for managing documents, ongoing maintenance, tenant improvements, infrastructure upgrades and more. Be more efficient with equipment specific information in the field by scanning QR codes.

Building Problems are People Problems

From the manager to the tenants to the service providers, BuiltSpace allows everyone to be involved in the building. Good communication is essential to report issues, assign tasks, get them resolved, monitor progress and provide feedback where necessary. Connecting people to the information they need improves the overall quality of the building.

Energy Tracking

BuiltSpace goes beyond simply tracking energy use. It provides organizational tools to improve performance and save energy through continuous optimization and well-managed maintenance systems.

Realtime Asset Management

Individual pieces of equipment can be tagged with a QR code. Scanning that code provides a mobile connection to information needed to maintain that equipment, from maintenance schedules, to service history, to checklists and service manuals. The possibilities are endless.

Automating Current Processes

BuiltSpace can easily convert any existing form or checklist to a smart phone or tablet format. Onsite completion of these electronic forms will improve performance and the quality of the work done and will also create part of the ongoing management history of your building and all of its components.