"Easy to use" results in quick adoption


One of the challenges today is too much information is available and we simplify this by providing simple filters that ensures that information provided to users is specific and relevant to them. We can easily identify who should have access to what information. Access is also easy and secure as you can use any device from anywhere that has Internet service.

BuiltSpace’s basic design philosophy is all around "simplicity" and "usability." The system is intuitive and easy to use so the learning curve is very short and user acceptance has proven to be extremely high.

  • Usability is achieved by carefuly designing all the user interfaces
  • Simple drop-down menus exist whenever possible
  • Information is well organized and tailored for building professionals
  • The use of QR codes with the mobility app makes it extremely simple for tenants to provide feedback or provide service requests
  • Suppliers and contractors can be included in your community simplifying communication

The system also provides a great deal of flexibility so building managers or operators can customize fields and menus to make it even more usable.

  • Although BuiltSpace provides a tremendous amount of capability, deployment of the system into your operation is very simple
  • There is no hardware or software to install, and you can evolve the capabilities of BuiltSpace gradually into your operation
  • Learning curves to master the various functions are short and the system can be adopted in a simple phased approach
  • You can start with the function(s) that are most important and add others at whatever speed makes the most sense for you
  • You can typically run it in parallel with your existing process replacing it gradually

This allows you to evolve your building over time at whatever pace is most comfortable and effective.

If you ever have any questions about the system that you can’t figure out, help is just a call or email away. BuiltSpace’s support team is there to make sure get answers to all your questions and ultimately are able to take advantage of all the functionality and features you need.