Information where it is needed, when it is needed


qrmobileapp.pngThe mobile application with BuiltSpace is truly an innovative feature that has a tremendous variety of uses – only limited by your imagination. The way it works is simple. When a QR code is scanned, it will deliver to the mobile device information that is specific for that person. For instance, if the QR codes is being used to manage deficiencies in a development project, when the electrician scans it he/she will see all the electrical deficiencies, the plumber will see only the plumbing deficiencies, etc.

A small sampling of how QR codes can be used with BuiltSpace:

  • Mobile AppFor asset management, putting a QR code on each asset which would provide work order information to service personnel, as well as maintenance schedules, drawings, specifications, operational instructions, part’s suppliers, etc.
  • For tenants to provide location specific service requests. Locating QR codes throughout the building, a tenant can scan to provide feedback or make a service regarding that specific location.
  • To provide scheduling information – you could locate a QR code on a freight elevator or a common conference room and anyone wanting to use that facility can scan the code to find out the availability and who has the it booked.
  • Providing general information about your building by putting a QR Code in your building lobby when scanned can provide a building dashboard, or information about the landlord, vacancies, etc.
  • If your building or your business has displays for the public to see, a QR code in front of each display can be used to provide more information about the display. The same holds true for any unique plants that are in or around your building.
  • For dispatching work to a construction site, trades people can simply go to the site and scan the QR code to receive their instructions, saving time, extra travel, and enabling clear instructions. You could include photographs, diagrams, work orders, etc.
  • Security guards could scan into strategically placed QR codes verifying where they are and ensuring that they have completed their rounds.
  • On the building directory, QR codes can be placed next to each tenant company name and visitors could scan that either to go to their site or simply provide additional details about the tenant (exact location, hours, phone numbers, courier instructions, etc.).
  • For meters that need to be read more frequently, rather than put expensive controls on them a QR code can provide a simple way to scan and log the reading.
  • For safety, use a QR code to provide more detailed instructions or information on first-aid cabinets or earthquake preparedness kits.

There are many effective ways to use the Mobility app with the QR codes and the BuiltSpace software makes it easy to accommodate just about any other new ideas.