Improved consistency and effectiveness


BuiltSpace takes a holistic enterprise-wide approach for building operators and managers. We provide:

  • A very effective solution for the day-to-day operation of the building
  • Longer-term maintenance and improvement of the building infrastructure
  • Management tools for all aspects of your tenant relationships
  • Effective conservation practices and sustainability planning
  • An excellent tool for managing deficiencies
  • A platform for O&M manual storage and access

Your system can easily evolve from a property development tool to a property management tool, adding more and more value over time. We provide a full range of capability all at one low cost, that allows you to implement the ones that are the most important for you and slowly evolve to take advantage of other capabilities, never worrying about integra​tion.

Two functions that BuiltSpace does not perform for building operators is financial management and automated controls. Excellent solutions for both are abundant and well established. Rather than build these, our software is designed so both finance and automated control systems can be integrated into the BuiltSpace platform. SharePoint, which our system is built on is intended to bring disparate systems and sources of information into a common integrated platform. ​