Connecting people to buildings to make a difference


BuiltSpace recognizes that improved communication with all the stakeholders in a building can greatly improve tenant satisfaction and retention, as well as help maximize occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption. It can also improve operational processes within the building that will result in better infrastructure maintenance at a lower cost.

BuiltSpaceā€™s social media tools, mobile application, tenant CRM, and Dashboard tools provide information in a real time basis. These tools can be used to educate and engage the building community as neessary to increase the level of tenant and supplier engagement in a variety of ways.

  • The Dashboard provides greater transparency on building performance, as well as a collaboration tool for the user community to provide feedback and share ideas. It also is a tool that the building manager can use to promote behavioural change associated with conservation or any other items.
  • The bulletin board on the Dashboard can share feedback and ideas from users but also be used by the building manager to provide reminders and valuable information on how revised behaviours can make a difference.
  • Using the mobility application along with strategic signage can also be used for improving education and engagement.
  • BuiltSpace can provide a package of effective signage tied to your specific QR codes to help remind tenants of conservation actions that you would like to improve.

Tenant and supplier engagement is also an important compliment to making infrastructure improvements. Implementing infrastructure improvements without communicating and engaging stakeholders can actually create dissatisfaction making it difficult to realize the full potential of the improvements. Never underestimate the power of communication and educating to change expectations, behaviours, and engagement.