Low costs & high benefits is a winning combination


BuiltSpace is a Software as a Service (SaaS) with a multi-tenant architecture shared over many users. We are able to keep the cost extremely low while making sure that the system is extremely robust.

  • Free yourself from the cost and complexity of software and hardware management
  • You do not need to buy, install, maintain, and update any hardware and software
  • Have your applications professionally managed in a secure data center
  • Your information is stored in a state-of-the-art secure facility

For one simple price, you get all the benefits of our system and all its’ integrated components.

Another advantage of our pricing is the scalability of our system. It is easy to add more buildings as your portfolio grows. Doing so could result in a lower overall price per building with volume discounts. Our pricing makes it very economic to add small buildings whereas many vendors have a minimum fixed cost per building, making it uneconomic to do so. BuiltSpace pricing is based simply on square footage so adding small buildings would have only a small marginal cost.

Our pricing of around 2 cents per square foot (depending on volume) is so low that the payback on the software can easily be less than a year in either energy savings or other efficiencies in your operation.