A holistic approach to portfolio management


BuiltSpace provides significant benefits to building operators and property managers. It will help you improve all the processes associated with managing and operating your buildings. As well, increased responsiveness and improved communication with tenants will lead to better tenant satisfaction and retention. These two benefits combined with an ability to reduce energy consumption will all have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Not only will BuiltSpace benefit the people responsible for the building, but other building stakeholders will benefit as well. Tenants can benefit through improved comfort, better service levels, improved employee retention, and lower operating costs. Suppliers can benefit through fewer errors from better communication, improved service, proactive problem resolution, and reduced costs needed to support their clients.

Achieving higher social responsibility while making sure the tenants are engaged in the process can translate into lower operating costs, higher rents, and a greater demand for your building, not to mention a lower impact on the environment.

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