Tenant relationships and service really matters


Tenant turnover can be very costly and disruptive. BuiltSpace can help keep your tenants happy in quite a number of ways, reducing the likelihood that they will ever want to leave. Tenant satisfaction can be improved because:

  • You will be able to understand and manage comfort levels much better.
  • Responsiveness, or at a minimum “perceived” responsiveness, will be improved through improved communication and the ability to close the loop on service requests.
  • Tenants will have greater access to information about their building, including energy consumption, service requests, building schedules, etc.
  • Tenants will have more ways to provide feedback as well as see what feedback others are providing, for increased transparency.
  • Reduced utility consumption results in reduced operating costs.
  • Improving the energy consumption as well as other elements of sustainability with increase their level of social responsibility.
  • Tenant surveys can help understand issues sooner and measure progress on satisfaction.

See the screenshot below for an example of an occupant survey:

Tenant engagement and satisfaction can have a greater financial impact than infrastructure improvements as turnover can be very expensive. There are no other systems that provide the tools that BuiltSpace does toward improving tenant relationships.