Making conservation a reality


Reducing your impact on the environment starts with understanding what resources you are consuming today. BuiltSpace can help you determine what your baseline consumption is for all the resources you consume or produce, from energy to water and waste. If you can’t measure it in a simple and reasonable fashion, you won’t know if you have improved or not.

For your heating fuel BuiltSpace will “normalize” your baseline consumption data based on the weather. By evaluating historical consumption for similar weather conditions, you will be able to predict exactly how much energy you should consume under current and forecast weather conditions. Therefore, you will be able to accurately measure the impact of changes you have made and see if they accomplished the predicted impact on energy consumption.

Our energy management system makes it easy for energy consultants and engineers to measure and track energy and resource information. Also, on an ongoing basis it will allow you to monitor and manage consumption so you can spot energy consumption anomalies and take corrective action. Anomalies could be caused by operational problems or required adjustments or maintenance to improve the performance of your heating or cooling equipment. Our system allows you to react much more proactively, which will save considerable cost while conserving energy.

The system gives you the ability to develop a fundamental sustainability plan for your building(s) as you can now effectively measure your progress.​​