Improving how you do things saves time & money


BuiltSpace is designed to improve all the processes associated with operating, managing, and maintaining buildings. It makes it easy to improve your processes without having to engage in process re-engineering exercises or complex process design work. We know that providing better information to people when and where they need it, will ensure better results.

  • Proactive maintenance schedules can be automated
  • Notifications automatically sent to the maintenance personnel
  • Backup information is available on-site through the use of mobile technology
  • Better maintained equipment will have a longer life, operate more effectively, and consume less energy.

The service request process that you have today can be augmented by our mobile application and automated by our system. We allow users to submit requests in real time from their smart phone and automatically get a thank you and update when the request is completed, which will increase tenant satisfaction. We can also prioritize requests dynamically as they arrive to ensure urgent ones are dealt with expeditiously.

See the screenshot below for an example of an inspection form used for our demo building "BuiltSpace Towers":

These are just a couple of examples of how your processes can easily improve. Your communication process, how you manage deficiencies, or supplier relationships can all be improved. Contact us any time for more information and you will be able to see how it can help in so many ways.