Meet your compliance requirements


BuiltSpace gives you to the tools to easily achieve compliance with energy benchmarking, disclosure and reporting requirements for many rating systems including LEED, BOMA BESt and ISO 50001.

Energy leaders like the cities of Seattle, San Francisco and Portland have implemented laws requiring commercial and residential buildings to meet energy performance standards, and report benchmarking data and performance ratings. In Canada, the CSA standard for energy management systems includes energy use and consumption requirements, and proper documentation and reporting procedures.

BuiltSpace can help your organization meet all applicable standards for data collection and compliance requirements. Our technology allows you to measure, track and benchmark energy, water and waste streams using utility information and data streams from ministries and agencies like Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It also calculates carbon footprints for building occupants, helping them comply with applicable laws and policies.

You can configure BuiltSpace to automatically submit your building’s energy and resource information to energy certification programs like EnergyStar.

BuiltSpace can also provide assistance with LEED Innovation and Design credits as an educational and behaviour change tool for occupants. Click here to learn more.