Build value with cost savings


There are many ways that BuiltSpace can improve your bottom line, depending on where you are with your operation. Our system will help improve your operational processes, aid in reducing energy consumption, and improving tenant relationships and perceptions. All of these will result in bottom line savings for your business.

Operational processes will be improved in a number of ways. Asset management is improved through automated proactive scheduling of maintenance, providing accurate real time information to maintenance staff, automating the trouble reporting system, and improved identification of and scheduling of priorities. Improving asset management aspect will extend the life of your equipment and optimize its efficiency reducing its energy consumption.

BuiltSpace will improve service request management through automating the process and using the mobile application to report and resolve issues much faster. This will save time and reduce the cost of dealing with service requests, not to mention improving tenant satisfaction.

Tenant satisfaction will be improved in many other ways as well. Improving understanding and communication will improve satisfaction and ultimately tenant retention, and BuiltSpace provides a variety of means to enhance communication and manage those relationships much better. Increasing tenant retention can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line and we provide the tools to make this an achievable goal.

BuiltSpace provides the foundation to do effective sustainability planning for your building, with effective tools to achieve conservation improvements. Conserving resources will have direct impact on the bottom line, plus it can provide the additional benefit of being a “greener” building. Existing tenants as well as the local community will place increasing emphasis on this attribute, which can increase demand and value.

If you are using an in-house purchased system for some or all of the functions that BuiltSpace provides, by moving to a simple Software as a Service model can quickly reduce your systems costs. In addition to lowering your costs, you can benefit by having an Internet based system available any time, any where and in an secure, state-of-the-art facility, which is extremely environmentally friendly.

With the many ways that BuiltSpace can help reduce costs, combined with the extremely low cost of our service, the payback for the service can easily be months rather than years.