About BuiltSpace


Over 80% of our lives is typically spent living, working or playing inside buildings. BuiltSpace helps building communities create a better space to live, work or play, while minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Our definition of building “community” includes everyone that contributes to its well-being: tenants, managers, maintenance personnel, suppliers, and contractors.

BuiltSpace’s commitment to sustainable buildings balances the objectives of energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and financial common sense. We believe making the right infrastructure decisions for a building is equally important to engaging the buildings community. The community behavior has a big impact on the comfort and the energy consumption beyond the efficiency of the buildings infrastructure. By taking a holistic approach, using an integrated solution, you can have a much more positive impact on your space.

If you are responsible for managing a building, no matter how big or small, we can help make it a better place for people to be while also being fiscally and socially responsible.