Using technology to simplify your operation


Rick Rolston is the founder and CEO of Builtspace Technologies, and although the company officially started early in 2011, Rick had actually been working on the concept for some time prior to that. Rick has spent more than 20 years in the building “space,” having built and managed an information software business that ultimately was used in over 5 million buildings across North America. He saw a gap in the marketplace when it came to systems that did a good job with building operations, tenant relationships, and sustainability - all in one integrated solution.

Rick’s technical knowledge, his understanding of the “buildings” industry, and his passion for developing leading-edge software has resulted in a very innovative design. BuiltSpace was developed in partnership with a number of leading organizations that each brought their unique expertise and knowledge to build an easy-to-use system robust with functionality.

The BuiltSpace team created a solution that works extremely well for operating and maintaining the building, managing tenant relationships, and implementing sustainability plans that conserve energy. The effectiveness of the system is tremendously enhanced by the unique mobility application, QR codes, and social media tools that are able to engage the entire building community.

With this solution in place, the team is focused on ensuring all its clients have a great customer experience with the system. Based on each client’s specific priorities we will work to maximize the benefits of BuiltSpace, as the system has the flexibility to evolve and match each client’s requirements.